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Central Machinery 42976 Mill - Oct 10 2011

(date: October 10, 2011)

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I purchased this milling machine through craigslist for $250. Originally the guy wanted $275 for it, but like with all craigslist items I always ask if they are willing to go lower. Without much hesitation, he lowered the price to $250 and that is the lowest he said he would go.

Then next day I went to his house to pick up the mill. While he was demonstrating the functionality of the mill I was asking if it is worth getting a Combination Step Block and Clamp Set. He told me that he had an extra set and gave it to me.

Central Machinery 42976 Mill


The green vise was included already but he threw in the Combination Step Block and Clamp Set
Central Machinery 42976 Mill


Here is the Z axis fine feed mod he did to make this dill in to a real milling machine.  
Central Machinery 42976 Mill

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